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"One day you will tell your story
of how you overcame what you went through
& it will be someone else's survival guide"
Brene Brown

 I recognize the influence & healing power in sharing who I was,

what I overcame & who I am now. My life pains & struggles as a woman,

a daughter, a mother, a friend, a partner, a victim & an abuser of myself, have taught me the hardest life lessons, over & over again.

It took me years to build the mental strength, fortitude, confidence, emotional resilience & power-mindset to make the choice to 



My pains & triumphs are the rocket fuel that drive my passion & purpose to guide you to do the same, so you can live a powerful & authentic life.

Growing up, my parents were for the most part absent.

They were wonderful parents, loved me & did their best to raise me.

My drug use began at 13yrs old & I had my 1st child at 17. Into my 20's & early 30's, I was in a perpetual cycle of self-destruction, a victim relationship with myself that mirrored my external relationships.

I hurt myself & wounded the people I loved most. A combination of people-pleasing, avoidance behaviors, weak personal boundaries, low confidence & drug/alcohol escapes controlled my life in a downward spiral.

I lived in fear & operated from the destructive patterns in my head,

my own internal world of conflict, suffering & blaming others. 


I wore daily social-masks & entertained surface-level relationships & conversations. I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t aware. I unconsciously pushed my emotional & psychological pain down into my body in hopes it would just go-away, but it festered, grew stronger & manifested as physical pain.

I knew nothing about releasing past trauma & stored pain or addressing problems, that unbeknownst to me, were controlling my life.

I lost everything, more than once.

 The more pain & suffering I inflicted upon myself, the louder my inner voice of reason & healing became. It eventually started to scream.

I embarked on a journey of inner exploration & problem-solving, hard lessons, countless sob sessions, break-ups, break-downs, Yoga Trainings,  Personal Development Workshops, Spiritual Courses, books, trainings & meditations that led me to discover my authenticity & self-confidence.

No matter what happens in my life, I will always pick up the broken pieces & use them to make me a stronger, more resilient version of myself.

When you work with me, this is what I teach you.

At all crossroads, we are presented with the choice to


​ ONLY YOU can change your life & my role is to be your catalyst. 

  Waiting for the "right time" can keep you stuck, your same problems will persist, life will keep happening, you will get older & life will get shorter. 

Time is the one resource you can never recover.

The transformation you seek is available here & now.

Never give up on yourself.

When you work with me, I never give up on you.


"Change is never a matter of ability.

Change is a matter of will, motivation, drive & hunger."

~ Tony Robbins


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