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Life Coaching  Testimonials & Success Stories

Life Coaching  Testimonials | Conscious Yoga Coaching
Christena understands the mind/body connection in a way few people will ever know. Her knowledge, experience, and demeanor are first class. I would recommend Christena to anyone who wants more out of life. She is a catalyst for developing performance in others!
Christena is such a blessing, as a teacher and as a person. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her as a Life Coach. She helped open my eyes to blocks I didn’t know I had in place, we worked together to help me find tools to work through person issues and to create incredible growth. The skills I’ve learned from Christena will take me through the years as I continue to work to make myself a more authentic and fulfilled woman.
Christena is life changing! Wow! I knew I had blocks to… my relationship growth, my business growth, my personal growth. I knew for years I was afraid of my own success. I knew I had issues receiving. I knew I needed a catalyst to help me climb this mountain. I needed someone to believe in me, to truly trust in me. Sometimes I felt I didn’t know what I needed, but I knew I was drawn to whatever came out of Christena’s mouth!
Life Coaching  Testimonials | Conscious Yoga Coaching


“Be like water

making its way through cracks.


Do not be assertive,

 adjust to the
object & you shall find a way around or through it.


If nothing within you stays rigid,
outward things will disclose themselves."


~ Bruce Lee

Yoga Practice: 
Testimonials & Transformations

Christena conscious yoga coaching vandergrift doing monkey pose splits, fireplace


My girlfriend and I both booked yoga body works sessions and private yoga sessions with Christena and could not have had a better experience!

Christena’s knowledge and patience helped both of us grow and learn so much that we can implement into our practice and we would highly recommend reaching out to Christena if you are interested in learning more about yoga or want a relaxing and healing yoga body works experience!


Christena is so inviting and beyond
inspiring! Such a kind soul with a vast knowledge base that incorporates all things from the mind, body and soul. It was such an honor to be guided by her in class. She embodies all things Yoga and wellness. Blessings


I have trained with Christena for more than two years now. Her patience, experience and guidance have helped me improve the quality of my life, yoga practice and overall health and fitness, after having a couple serious neck and spinal injuries.

Christina's approach took into account my age, injuries, eating habits and my attitude. She provided me a program that allowed me to grow and improve in each of those areas.

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